Melbourne based Interior Architecture & Design studio, Mitchell & Eades, combine timeless sophistication with a contemporary vision of human experience. We design with global intelligence and great respect for local history and culture.

We understand that we have three audiences – The Guest, the Client and the Operator.

Hotels are – more than ever – influenced by hospitality, and it is our job to extend the hospitality experience from F&B venues throughout entire properties.

We are uniquely positioned to offer a luxury and lifestyle design strategy which is truly bespoke. Luxury is something that cannot always be seen. It is felt, heard, touched, smelt and remembered. It shouldn’t be immediately obvious or easy to describe. It is a feeling, a moment in time where you feel transported – a mysterious and alluring sensation that encompasses your entire body. It is a complex feeling which takes time to unpack, sparking curiosity and leaving a lasting impression.

With a focus on hospitality venues which stand the test of time, combined with a level of empathy for design which extends far beyond the aesthetic, our knowledge will transcend any expectation, globally.