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We centre design around the authenticity that people crave

Melbourne based Interior Architecture & Design studio, Mitchell & Eades, combines timeless sophistication with a contemporary vision of human experience.

We bring global intelligence, and a respect for the local history and culture, to design for three specific audiences – the Guest, the Client and the Operator.

Hotels are – more than ever – influenced by hospitality. It is our job to extend the hospitality experienced in Food and Beverage and Wellness venues throughout entire properties. We are uniquely positioned to offer a luxury and lifestyle design strategy which is truly bespoke.

With a focus on spaces which cannot be tethered to a single point in time, combined with a level of empathy for design which extends far beyond the aesthetic, our knowledge will transcend any expectation – globally.

Mitchell & Eades is represented in seven global cities, with M&E Satellite Office, JV Partnerships and local M&E consultants located in: Melbourne, Sydney, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Delhi and Dubai.


Sustainability at Mitchell & Eades


Core to Mitchell & Eades is an understanding that form and function should always unite. Mother nature is the ultimate designer, and our ethos is to embed her into each and every one of our designs.

We design with a preference for antimicrobial, locally sourced and sustainable materials – to not only provide longevity – but also reduce our carbon footprint. We create a circular economy for our designs through multiple facets which helps to create our cyclical story.

Discreet technology plays an integral role within our designs, creating an omni-channel approach that provides a seamless guest experience without a damaging impact on the environment. A strong and reliable foundation for any interaction is created through technology, while guests experience human touch on arrival to make their stay memorable.

We firmly believe that sharing sustainability values and activities across our global projects can have far reaching effects.

  • 10+ Hotel Operators
  • 80+ Years
  • 13 Countries
  • 100+ F&B Venues
  • 7 Global Cities with Representation

Hayley Mitchell


Hayley has been lucky enough to spend her career living and designing across three continents; taking inspiration from every street she has walked down and every person she has met.

She takes inspiration from the rich history and iconic architecture of London and New York; arguably, the worlds most eclectic cities; to the high-end luxury of Singapore and Macau and the rich, vibrant colours of Thailand and India.

Samantha Eades


Samantha has 18+ years of experience in the design industry and prides herself in being a Collaborator and Connector of people.

As a human-centric designer, Samantha has a very deep level of empathy and strong instincts when it comes to human thinking.

Working across the globe, she brings a wealth of knowledge to each project.

Stef Marsh


Stef has been with Samantha’s team since 2011 and has a Germanic efficiency like nothing else.

Stef is a passionate photographer and finds inspiration through nature and adventure. Working across the globe for the past 9 years on numerous award-winning F&B venues, she brings expert knowledge and variety to each and every client she works with.

Cecilie Larsen

Development Strategist

Cecilie’s Scandinavian upbringing informs her aesthetic, favouring interiors that exude a sense of calm and relaxation. She draws inspiration from organic forms, and imbues her work with the warmth of natural textures to create environments that are at once refined and inviting.

Cecilie is based in Hong Kong and not only oversees our design office there, she also heads Business Development Strategy in Hong Kong.

Kristian Coronel

Senior Interior Designer

Kristian is an Interior Architect with a wonderful sense of scale and understanding of 3-dimension spaces – his design principles of rhythm and balance are the strength of his designs.

A versatile designer that adapts to the needs of the project – he brings artistry to his work through his hand sketches and design concept presentations.

Victoria Punch

Senior Interior Designer

Driven by a passion for spaces that evoke emotion and create multi-sensory experiences, Victoria has a deep passion for authenticity and timelessness which is considerately applied to her projects.

Whilst experienced across luxury residential and commercial projects, Victoria specialises in experiential hospitality spaces.

Kris Perchardo

Senior Interior Designer

A collaborative and innovative thinker – Kris has shaped many award-winning hotels and international design initiatives throughout his career.

It is his passion to find new approaches and to pioneer groups of designers to conceive the mission envisioned by our clients and the team at Mitchell & Eades.

Sharon Louey-Sheldrick

Senior Interior Designer

Sharon’s unique work experience and passion involves sourcing luxurious custom materials and finishes, finding unique objects and art and developing bespoke furniture pieces, which has involved collaboration with manufacturers, furniture makers, craftsmen & artists from all around the world.