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Six Senses On The Palm

Dubai UAE

A cycle for the senses
From the textured coral reefs under the sea
To the ethereal, illusive rooftop bar.
What connects us is the light
In the past and in the future.
We are connected and driven by the lighting of
our community and the journey of the past.
The journey overlaps and is connected such as
we are all linked and blend as a community.

While taking a walk through the tight, winding alleyways, you will see ochre-coloured buildings made of coral, mud, gypsum and palm wood. When you look up, notice that the houses are adorned with towers. Wind towers are the traditional air conditioner of the Middle East; an old Persian invention that funnels cool air through a building. Now lets consider a mere 49 years later and what Dubai has achieved and as a result, where we will be in another 49 years. Leaders in cutting edge technology from transport to virtual technology and space travel. Six Senses on The Palm will celebrate the journey Dubai has been on, and the path ahead to the future. Community at Six Senses on The Palm will be second to none with the accessibility of amenities together. We will create the modern day Majlis.

From the bottom of the ocean, we move to terra firma. Despite Dubai’s quickly evolving landscape, its physical foundations remain. At ground level, our concept celebrates the natural beauty of the Gulf. The Arabian Gulf was home to the original trade routes which connected the neighbouring Countries to the UAE. The beautiful, turquoise waters which were once a highway in the sea, are now enjoyed by all those who wonder to the desert. The contrast of the dry desert and blissful sea, offer a unique juxtaposition. By using lightweight structures, and a delicate approach to the environment, the spaces will respect the natural
 landscape, and provide the guests the opportunity to experience the outdoor landscape in a new way, a fully immersive, restorative and reflective experience.

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