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World Towers

Mumbai IND

The city that never sleeps, yet a city full of dreams; from antiquity to modernity; from raw earth to luxury; Mumbai will never cease to intrigue and surprise you. A crumbling building bought back to life with a bright blue temporary façade; a crumbled pavement graced with the fuscia dress of a woman on her way to work; a smile from a stranger; a diamond in the rough. The city of Mumbai is built in many layers, some intentional and some an artistic coincidence.

In celebration of Mumbai’s stunning layering of past, present and future, World Towers invigorates your senses by bringing you earthly comforts and reminders of where you come from, all the while reminding you that even the simplest of places can reveal an unexpected reflection.

Hayley Mitchell was first invited to work at World Towers back in 2016, alongside Six Senses, to create their debut urban environment and later invited back to create the show flats at the World View apartments in 2018.

Soft changes throughout the spatial journey and intriguing views evoke guest senses throughout the towers. We chose to design with simplicity, to remain true to the honest natural materials while keeping the level of aesthetic luxury which we strive for in such a prestigious building.

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