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Eden Oak

Geelong AUS

Microcations are becoming increasingly attractive. That is, quicker vacations which lend themselves to backyard destinations. Holidays are now considered an essential expense for Australians to ‘escape’ their city lives and recharge. Eden Oak is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this trend at just 50 minutes out of Melbourne.

Set at the former Geelong Conference Centre site, to this day the structure provides generous light-filled and airy spaces. The raised ground floor of this single-level building has spaces of plentiful volume set around a landscaped courtyard.

The Geelong Conference Centre truly was a vision of Mid-Century Design and Architecture, with the original architect’s vision being to use a simple palette of materials relating to the environment and native plantings.

Rather than taking away the personality of the existing building, our refurbishment gives the hotel a new beginning – respecting its past but also bringing it back to life, using inspiration from the building’s natural surrounds. From the flora and fauna, to the rejuvenation of mid-century design, we will translate patterns, form and colours into elements of interior architectural details, furniture pieces, materials and finishes.

It’s the experiential holiday that matters. Eden Oak offers a unique opportunity to experience the microcation in a botanical setting, to allow for a variety of experiences to relax the mind, heart and soul.

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