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Swank is a multi-brand luxury fashion house, appealing to a cross section of customers: Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Leaders and the Social Elite. Their common connection? Luxury and sophistication.

A retail experience at The Swank offers not only sophistication within its fashion brands, but also through in-store experiences. We designed the store to house two main styles of service: ‘The Discreet’ offering a VIP shopping experience for customers who prefer to remain anonymous and undisturbed, and ‘The Gallery’ where customers can browse amongst like-minded individuals for a more social experience.

The Gallery’s design offers an opportunity to see, and to be seen. The space is intentionally flexible with opportunities for brands to exhibit seasonal releases or pop-up product launches, extending to the front of the store and out to the Atrium space connecting Landmark and Central Building. The prestigious international brands at The Swank informed the aesthetic of the store interiors.

SWANK by Mitchell & Eades opened in 2020 in the Landmark Mall, Central Hong Kong.

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