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Fire….like a moth to a flame…

28 September 2021

Why is fire so important to us as humans?


It has been part of our evolution. Fire provided a source of warmth and lighting, protection from predators, a way to create more advanced hunting tools, and a method for cooking food. These cultural advances allowed human geographic dispersal, cultural innovations, and changes to diet and behaviour.


Everyone is drawn to fire.  We all have memories of fire, so there’s a nostalgia element to it.  We find the experience of a fire so comforting.  This relaxation response to fire is actually an evolutionary adaptation. Findings confirm that hearth and campfires induce relaxation as part of a multisensory, absorptive, and social experience.


When it comes to design, we know the using the fire element will give a sense of warmth, an invitation to a welcoming space.  It can also provide an anchor or grounding to a room where people want to gather and relax.  In our recently completed project, Tote at Moonee Valley Racecourse, the fire delineates the bar to the dining area where you feel free to mingle and socialise.


In the kitchen, we have seen an emergence of food theatre over the years.  From a simple wood fired oven or a grill barbeque with a huge flame coming out, everyone is excited.  Fire becomes a critical element especially when there is an authenticity around the food offering.  If neither of these opportunities are available when designing a space, the fire element can be applied by featuring red brick walls.  The exposed material produces a rustic vibe helping your establishment exude warmth and honest tactility.


We at Mitchell & Eades embrace how using the fire element can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

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